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There are some basic rules you can apply to make sure that you do not end up with an interesting credit card bill to pay when your security has been compromised on the internet. If you are a millionaire being stung for $23k to rent videos and download pay as you use web content, it will probably no more trouble you than having a fly in your car. But if you earn a modest income and every cent counts, this could be disastrous and risk your very well being, what can you do and what are the best strategies and tactics?

The first tactic is to divide your forces, what does this mean? Well, it’s simple – decide what you intend to pay for on the internet, for example occasional purchases from sites like Amazon for a birthday gift for a nephew or even books you want to get early warrant buying off the internet, check how much you spent last year and put that to one side. Let’s assume your annual spend was $200, next are you paying for utility bills on the internet, now this could cost more so you need to check your consumption and when the bills become due, ensure you have the necessary funds in your credit card account to pay the bill.

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