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While at their inception, credit cards have been regarded as dangerous debt-generators, the truth is that nowadays, they are actually immensely helpful and virtually indispensable financial tools. Credit cards confer a wide array of benefits depending on the issuer and the category, ranging from identity protection to cash rewards and from travel miles to insurance. This makes the selection process rather difficult, unless you are in the position where you have to opt for a credit card with low interest rates due to overwhelming debts and financial instability. Let’s learn more about the quest for an ideal credit card.

Your credit score and you

The first step implies learning your exact credit score by obtaining the free yearly report from the authorities because you want to have at least the basic idea regarding the perception of credit card issuers and other lenders towards you. The credit score and the credit history are utilized in determining your liability level and a low one may deem you ineligible for certain credit cards, which eliminates some of the options from the search.

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